The purpose of this study was to determine the Role of Corporate Social
Responsibility of PT. Agincourt Resources in the Welfare of the Batangtoru Community, South Tapanuli. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The results of this study concluded that PT Agincourt Resources had an impact in various fields. through CSR funds which is a form of corporate social responsibility PT Agincourt Resources to the surrounding community, especially the community in Batangtoru District. Through this
CSR fund, PT Agincourt Resources has made various programs a program to improve thewelfare of the surrounding community especially people in Batangtoru District. PT Agincourt Resources has an impact in the development in the social sector, namely the construction of educational facilities such as elementary schools, PAUD, vocational mining and worship facilities, namely mosques and churches. Development in the economic field is to open jobs for the surrounding community, especially in Batangtoru District. The next assistance is the UMKM capital grant program and the drilling of wells for the clean water of the Batangtoru District community. Development in the field of culture, namely the community becomes more advanced because it gets work culture and discipline that come along with the establishment of the company, as well to preserve and
preserve local culture, the majority of which are ethnic Angkola Batak companies always provide a container or hold a festival culture with the aim of preserving the existing culture, especially towards generations young.

Keywords: CSR, Community Development, Community Welfare

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